FEIT Bio Trainer

I honestly can’t get enough of this brand. This is how I see the future of the footwear industry heading; innovative, sustainably minded footwear that alters the norms of development processes. FEIT have just issued a press release stating that they will be bringing a fully Bio Trainer to the market place.

From the looks of what they’ve given a sneak peek of, I guess they’ll be tapping their rubber straight from the sap (latex) of rubber trees, then applying that directly to their moulds to create the outsole. This is also something I myself have been working on with a brand I’m collaborating with, so it will be really interesting to see how they execute their idea!

We will soon be releasing a world first, a product we are very proud of.

Stay tuned…

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Mr. Bailey

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  • Caramba - 6 years ago

    Crepe sole rubber is usually made from thin 3mm layers of dried rubber that are pressed together to create the intended sole thickness (2-3-4-5-6 ply). Although I am very impressed by this development, I’m also curious about how such a sufficiently high level of quality control can be maintained in such a relatively artisanal/natural process. For example how is this natural rubber sole that is much thicker than 3mm drying evenly and what chemical coagulating agents are being used? Or will the sole eventually be vulcanized like many conventional rubber components including the Chuck Taylor sole? Lets not forget that car tires are also made from 75% natural rubber sapped from the same trees. I guess I find it surprising that this kind of sole has not been made before, given that injection molding has been around for 150 years. So I’m ready to be enlightened.