Exclusive Look At Sruli Recht x ECCO Dyneema® Bonded Leather “FEATHERWEIGHT” Boot Design Process


“This leather is intergalactic. It will go to space. It is unbreakable.” – Sruli Recht

I recently posted some work from one of my personal favourite designers and creators, Sruli Recht. To my surprise Sruli actually reached out to thank me for the love, and to also offer more insight into a few of his incredibly innovative projects.

Sruli combines and innovates materials like few I’ve seen before, from creating the worlds first translucent “Apparition” leather with ECCO, to executing incredibly intricate wooden clothing, Sruli add’s an amazing amount of thought, detail and skill level to all of his projects.

This particular project see’s the creation process of Sruli’s collaborative effort with ECCO to create the worlds lightest and strongest leather entitled Dyneema® Bonded Leather, and apply it to his FEATHERWEIGHT boot design.
Ultralight, ultra strong and ultra thin, Dyneema Leather is a composite of 0,5mm split leather and Dyneema polyethylene. According to Sruli, “when combined it weighs nothing, but it can pull a space ship.

“When I began working with ECCO Leather I pitched this idea to them, to make the worlds lightest strongest leather because that is what I’d been looking for to use.
It was not an easy sell.
Conceiving of the bonding Dyneema to leather came in a flash.
Convincing the two companies to do it, felt like an ice age.
Completing the project however, took an aeon.

Conceiving, convincing, completing. The narrative arch of the office dwelling creative.

And that is how epic this project is. It redefines the performance, handle and physics of what leather can do.
This leather is intergalactic. It will go to space. It is unbreakable.
It is an athletic and technical prodigy.
Featherweight, bare-knuckled, and fast like a boxer.” – Sruli

The boot itself, entitled “FEATHERWEIGHT”, is an ultralight in weight, deeply heavy-look, fore-velocity stealth boot.
The boot consists of a folded single piece upper construction, a deconstructed BOA dial system with internal cabling and a faceted injected PU outer-sole with parametric cell-form TPU sole.

“The Upper was constructed by draping directly onto a specially made card last that I developed for my collections in Iceland.
The outer-sole was first molded by hand on a scaled maquette then scanned and remodeled in CAD for injection molding.
The base is a hand plotted parametric cell layout based on divisions of the foot with aesthetic adjustment.
The internal sock is a soft cnc accordion cut leather.
The dial on the heel counter tightens the cables that crisscross in an anatomical web over the vamp.
We named this leather unique Dyneema experiment CILICA after the black lava beaches near my home in southern-Iceland.” – Sruli

Sruli sent over a few images of the design and development process, as well as some beauty shots and video of the final product, which you can see below.

He’s also new to Instagram, make sure to give him a follow to stay up-to-date on all his projects.

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TLC High Sole 2 New Styles

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Feather Boot - Black Side sq

Feather Boot - Grey back sq

Feather Boot - Grey Side sq

Feather Boot - White Side crop

Feather Boot - White Side

Feather Boot - White Side crop

Feather Boot - White Side

Feather Boot - Grey Sole

Feather Boot - Grey Sole crop


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