Evos Footwear Platform Renders – Ian Galvin (Update)

The Evos Footwear Platform, designed by Ian Galvin, is “a hybrid running shoe with a focus on sustainability and innovation.” The shoe looks pretty nasty, and the renders are just plain sick! The look and feel of the shoe is based on the tendons and ligaments of the human foot. The midsole is made of a rigid veneer structure with a fabric structure wrapping around it for added comfort. The shoe is built with many different parts all performing different functions; the midsole providing support, the inner booty pulling moisture away from the foot and the outsole protecting the foot. The user can also inter-change the rubber treads on the outsole for a more personalized feel, and adjust them to your individual needs.

CK – Hi Ian, can you tell us a little about the concept?

IG – This design was an exercise in applying my design process to shoe design.  I believe that a designer should be able to design anything, regardless of their training, if their design process is sound.

CK – What is your favorite feature on the shoe?

IG – My favorite feature of the design is probably the the design of the upper. Its really important to be able to recognize a shoe’s profile at a glance and I feel I accomplished that with the design.

CK – Are there any plans for production?

IG – There are no plans for production, it was solely an exercise to exhibit how my process works, my personal style, and how it can be applied to any object.