Evita Bouwmeester Explores The Limits Of Copying With Her “Régénéré” Collection

Designer, Evita Bouwmeester created a super interesting collection of footwear entitled, “Régénéré” for her graduation project. Inspired by her interest in the ever increasing speed of fast fashion, and the blatant copy cat culture thats become synonomous wihtin it, Evita’s collection challenges how we treat and value originality.

“My graduation collection Régénéré derives from my interest in the fashion industry, where high production speed, low prices and rapidly rotating collections define the industry. The fashion industry has changed into a productive machine, new collections are developed under high pressure, demanding products to be in store within weeks. As a consequence of this circulation speed, various items of the fast-fashion brands/chains, such as Zara and H&M, are inspired by or copied from collections of high-end fashion brands like Balenciaga, Prada or Chanel. To enable this process, the fast-fashion industry applies downgrading of product quality, material use and detailing of the exclusive-fashion. In fast-fashion it is not the question whether copying is used, but where and when inspiration turns into imitation.

In my research, I examine the possibility of breaking this fast-fashion circuit and thereby discuss the consumerism and our production needs within fashion. By using double, or even triple copies, I try to reach absolute limits of possibilities and, consequently, re-assess our meaning of originality and authenticity. By recopying, throughout a scanner, I aim to create a new shaping language, which transforms the already copied fast-fashion item into high-fashion footwear.” – Evita

You can see more of Evita’s, “Régénéré” collection, below.


Evitabouwmeester proces copy

Evitabouwmeester proces 3d

Evitabouwmeester proces scan

Evitabouwmeester scan1

Evitabouwmeester Scan2






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