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“Sustainabilty starts with how you design your shoes.” – @footwearists

What you see pictured is an automated cutting machine. Typically patterns are loaded onto an application that coincides with the machinery to decipher the best way to place said patterns for maximum material yield and minimum waste (this could also have human interference if necessary).

As designers, we get kicks from creating new product without boundaries, sometimes with disregard to production processes.

In an ever growing conscious world, it’s imperative that we consider the marriage of design and production more frequently, utilising our skills / imagination to pursue a zero waste, maximum yield world.

Ultimately, footwear designed whilst considering cutting efficiency would create design limitations and in-turn force new aesthetics that are irregular versus today’s consumer norms. 

As we move forward, I personally feel that all designers have a responsibility to think in a more efficient manner. It’s fun to design wacky, out of this world conceptual products and it shouldn’t stop. However, if you want to produce in mass, the sustainable option should ALWAYS be at the top of the list.


Side note…

Recently Nike produced a public document on Circularity – “Guiding the Future of Design”. If you aren’t fully familiar with the world of sustainability and want to quickly learn a little more, I suggest you take a quick look at this link https://www.nikecirculardesign.com

If you want to look deeper into this world, I recommend digging into past ConceptKicks posts. I would also take some time to visit https://ma-tt-er.org/news/ for some deeply interesting material insights.

David Mawdsley

The Footwear Composer.

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