Ecco Empower Sandals | Julie Helles Eriksen, Christian Kau & Kristine Boesen

A group project by Julie Helles Eriksen, Christian Kau & Kristine Boesen, these Ecco Empower sandals are designed to ’empower’ the wearer to insert some of their own personality into the way they choose to wear them.

“ecco empower is a brand based on interactive sandals for men. Ecco empower was made in a school project at Kolding School of design in a collaboration with Pensole and Ecco.

ecco empower focus on to empower the user to be a part of the creation of the sandal. Today we see a huge interaction with social medias and that every one wants to create themselves and show personality. When you wear the ecco empower shoe you are a part of creating the shape of your sandal and your expression.” – Julie

How someone takes what you’ve created and makes it their own has always fascinated me. Purposely including the user in this type of interaction is pretty interesting.
Without delving in too deep (it’s too early on a Thursday morning for that), generally people wear brands they can associate certain vibes with. For example; Nike’s cool so I’m cool if I wear it, Y3 is super conceptual and forward, so I’m also conceptual and forward if I choose to wear them. You become part of this unspoken clique. Up till now though, the only way you can really distinguish yourself in a crowed of Nike of Y3 wearers is by having a unique customization or colorway.

Being able to actually manipulate your shoes in a similar fashion to these Ecco Empower shoes would allow users to still be part of the brand ‘tribe’. Keeping all those added, valuable associations that come with that brand, yet still be able to insert their own personality into the shoes and ‘stand out from the crowd’.

Would love to see how this concept could be brought forward, continuing to give users a unique way of ’empowering’ themselves in many different types of ways. For now though you can check out Julie, Christian & Kristine’s thought provoking project, below.












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