ECCO Concept Footwear x Kolding Design School

These ECCO concepts shoe’s by students from Kolding Design School in Denmark are super inspiring.

‘Working in collaboration with ECCO, we developed a narrative around how individuals see themselves, versus how we perceive others seeing us. This came through in the form of a show where when you look down at your foot you see a naked foot (the self) and compared to others seeing you from the sides or front of your shoes.

Our shoe concept is based on whether it is possible to keep a secret about ourselves. We are exploring what we want to show of the foot, how we can show it, and how much we can show. In the collection we have worked on how we can deform the shape of the foot. We have worked exclusively with straight lines, angles and perspectives. Whether you are looking down at your feet while wearing the shoes, or someone else is looking at them from another perspective the foot will constantly look different. Throughout the collection the wearer sees almost all of the bare foot from above, whereas the side views and other angles make the foot look deformed, and different openings and exposures reveal some of our secrets.’Andreas Eiken

This was a group project with:
Sanne Keil Sørensen-TEXTILE DESIGN
Maria-Louise Sørensen-TEXTILE/FASHION

In collaboration with:
ECCO shoes, Kolding Design School (Denmark)

Check out Sanne, Maria-Louise, Petja and Andreas’ inspiring work, below.







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