EarthBaked – Biodegradable footwear by Steve Boynton

Check out this great concept & Kickstarter campaign by product designer, Steve Boynton.

Here are a few of the many highlights of the shoes –

“Return to Sender” design philosophy:  Use of natural, renewable materials that give back to the environment.

100% Wool:  Wool is biodegradable, breathable, anti-microbial, and moisture wicking.  Works as a natural fertilizer by releasing sulfur and nitrogen back into the soil.

Lightweight:  This shoe is great to take along backpacking, riding the bike to work, or just lounging around the house.

Affordable:  Real, 100% wool is expensive!  We are bringing a high-end material to a minimal shoe design so it’s affordable for everyone.  These babies are comfy and will strengthen your feet with every step!

Also with these shoes comes a greater, global perspective. Here are a couple to consider –

1.  US earth conscious consumer.  Hundreds of millions of shoes make their way to the landfill each year.  This one doesn’t have too.  The minimal design is intended to provide a barefoot walking experience that will strengthen your feet.
2. Social entrepreneurship.  Millions of people suffer from diseases that could be prevented by wearing a pair of shoes.  The EarthBaked shoe requires no mold tools, no last, and no adhesives to be assembled.  Instead of giving shoes to developing countries, we could teach them to make their own quality, durable, earth friendly shoes.  With a sewing machine, scissors, a pattern, and some material, a family in Sub Saharan Africa could start a shoe shop and be a benefit to their community.  This concept was motivation to keep the shoe construction simple and easy to produce.
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Check out the video above and design/development process of Steve’s concept below, and head over to his Kickstarter to support him in any way you can!