Early Nike Air Yeezy Concept | Mark Smith

Great to see SoleCollector doing such a great job of showcasing more footwear design focused posts. In their latest addition of ‘Sneaker Sketch of the Week’ we see an early concept sketch by Nike Innovation Kitchen designer Mark Smith. One of the most interesting aspects I got from the article was the story behind the tooling of the Yeezy sole unit –

“We did new tooling at first, and it was sort of spacey, and then we decided to go away from new tooling and use something that was existing, and he wanted to use Jordan tooling,” Smith reveals. “We said ‘No’ to that, but then he saw the Assault Retro, and it was basically the III tooling and it had the word Jordan replaced with Nike. So he kind of beat us on a technicality, which was pretty cool. [Laughs] It turned out great, because it took it back to that era.” – Mark Smith

Check out the full article by SoleCollectors Nick DePaula, here.


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