How To Draw Shoes | The Design Sketch Book (Video)

This video on How To Draw Shoes from The Design Sketch Book’s talented creator, Chou-Tac Chung showcases the exact reason why he’s one of my personal favorite designers. Stylistically, nobody even gets close to Chou’s level, imo. With quick, expressive lines and beautiful perspectives, his sketches are always provocative.

What’s also very interesting to see is how he builds his sketches from a very solid base. Firstly learning how to correctly sketch the last form, and then building on the sketch from there. It doesn’t matter how stylistic the sketch or brilliant the design is, if the proportions and/or perspective is off, it can really detract from the intended result. This is definitely a great method to make sure both of those are on point before getting too carried away.

I’ve tried to shed some light on Chou-Tac’s, The Design Sketchbook before, and I really can’t recommend it enough. If you’re into product design of any kind, make sure to check his page out.



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