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Here’s a sneak peek at the recent sneaker rendering tutorial I just recorded for Digital Tutors that will be available on their website in a week or so (mid-June). I tried to keep it somewhat simple with the design and covered some of the more important tools I use when creating renderings, things like creating paths, using layer properties, filters and some shadow & highlighting techniques. I hope you guys find it informative and helpful, but even if you don’t, at least you get to listen to my buttery British accent for about an hour ;).

Subscription to Digital Tutors to view the tutorial isn’t free, but I would highly recommend subscribing to them, either privately or if you’re a student, I’d hit up your faculty and see if they can hook something up for your class. They have a bunch of tutorials on pretty much every program out right now, and use current industry pros to teach the tutorials. I also will be given a couple free passes for people to view my tutorial, so stay tuned for that.

(btw, the bubbly background on the video wasn’t done by me…just thought I’d make that abundantly clear…)

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  • Randall - 6 years ago

    *Raises hand* for free pass haha