Did Big Baller Brand Rip Off BrandBlack? Apparently not…(Video)

Last week, SLAM magazine and Big Baller Brand announced their next signature shoe, this time for the youngest of the Ball brothers, LaMelo. And if you were like me, you realized straight away that there was something very familiar about it. There was an uncanny resemblance between their latest signature model and BrandBlack’s Rare Metal Basketball sneaker. Surely they didn’t just rip them off?

Well, as it turns out they didn’t, and the reason for the resemblance is due to the fact that Brandblack’s David Raysse and Billy Dill have created a separate design agency, and are currently working with the Big Baller Brand.

Details are sparse and cloaked in a good amount of secrecy, but according to Nightwing2303 of WearTesters.com, “Not only are they helping BBB develop their upcoming sneakers from a design perspective, but they’re also assisting BBB in creating new technology and materials that are said to differentiate the BBB products from what Brandblack produces”.

You can see more from Nightwing2303’s video below.


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