Diadora N9020 D Sample – Oliver Vranesh

The Diadora N9020 D is a nice and clean shoe brought to you by Mr Oliver Vranesh. With influences from Flash, the 90% Suede Leather with Synthetic Leather and a TPU endcap Diadora sample looks super casual and comfy. Check out more of the interesting and very personal inspirations for the design and colorways below.

“The TPU endcap was highly inspired by the golden age Flash.”- Oliver

“The outsole has a few points of inspiration.
Mainly the quote “Keep Moving Forward” by Walt Disney.
For Running I wanted to use Walt’s sagacious quote in my concept. So I had the Diadora logos moving in a forward motion guiding its user to their future/finish line/destination. Surrounding this detail are “rail road tracks” which are a symbolic means of guidance to navigate the user of the product.” – Oliver

“Colorways (yeah very personal inspiration, maybe a little homesick when I did these)
1. Winter Hill Falls Church City, VA Colorway
2. Falls Church City, VA Rec. Soccer Colorway
3. St. James Catholic School Colorway
4. Pratt Cannoneer Colorway” – Oliver