Desert Boots by Pascal Scholz

Designer Pascal Scholz created these desert walking boots after being inspired by German graphic designer, Otl Aicher’s documental book, “Free project / Gehen in der Wüste – “walking in the dessert”.

“He (Otl Aicher) became well known for his work on the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich and the Lufthansa logo. As a curious mind he always liked to challenge himself, so he started to do walking tours through the Sahara. Putting his focus on every detail and always in search for improving his equipment, he noted all the qualities a perfect desert boot should include. Afterwards, he sent the list to the biggest sports shoe manufacturer in Germany – Adidas. The shoe was actually put into prototyping and can be seen today in a museum. I asked myself – how would I have designed this boot if Mr. Aicher would have given me this briefing today?” – Pascal

You can see Pascal’s interpretation of Otl Aicher’s findings, below.








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