Designer Jon Tang Shares Creative Process (Video)

In a recent commercial for Wacom’s Bamboo Spark notebook, KITH lead footwear designer and Fronteer founder, Jon Tang takes us through his creative process.
I’m not getting a cheque from Wacom so I won’t go too far into the complexities of the Bamboo Spark notebook, but it looks pretty interesting. It’s essentially a notepad that digitally copies the sketches you make in it.
Notepad aside though, it’s always interesting to get an insight and hear another designers creative process.

Check out the video in full, below.

WACOM – BAMBOO SPARK: 'Jon Tang' from Rodd Chant on Vimeo.


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Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 15.44.37

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 15.44.26


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  • Shoeman_UK - 4 years ago

    “present a brand in its most genuine light.”
    Great………Visvim Sunnegga…………good job

  • Luke McConnie - 4 years ago

    AGREED! this shoe is a direct Visvim Sunnegga ripoff. Respect for bringing a shoe to market…. but in my opinion any designer fortunate enough to launch their own brand, should at the very least bring some originality & freshness to the shoe game.