Design Process Of The Y-3 FW2019 HOKORI

Y-3 Assistant Footwear Designer, Maarika Karm recently shared a more in-depth look at the design process of the Y-3 HOKORI.

“During my internship in adidas Statement collaborations team I got an opportunity to dream and sketch for Y-3 as a side project. I am really thankful for Aurelien Longo for initiating it and Geoffroy Meyer for tutoring and believing in me as well as Stephanie Saris for a great collaboration.” – Maarika

Creative Direction: Geoffroy Meyer
Development: Kira Kasprzak and Oury Hermes
Product Manager: Sara Braun2018


“This was the first time I worked on something that would be made in a factory and I decided that as I feel more comfortable with making stuff rather than sketching, the process for Hokori started with one photoshop render and from there it was straight hands-on.For the first thing I decided to make a prototype based on my sketch which was a good starting point to elevate the design and figure out detailing. Making stuff is good in many ways: your design can change during the process or you get inspired by materials laying around. I started with leather cage upper inspired by old basketball shoes, but when I saw this translucent neoprene material in the makerlab I decided to play with layering and transparency.” – Maarika

Jesse Lizotte for
Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks |

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