Crocs x Acronym by Bryce Wong

Designer, Illustrator and 1/3 of almanac, Bryce Wong decided to imagine what an Acronym collaboration would look like with…Crocs. And the real funny part about it is that it actually looks pretty awesome.

Mixing Crocs famous moulded construction, Bryce added some Acronym flavour via rugged strap closures at the heel and exaggerated proportions similar to their recent collaboration styles with Nike.

These aren’t for your average Crocs wearer.

You can check out more of Bryce’s super well executed, fun project, below (or check out his website if you want to be a whale for a minute).

Croc_acronym_Bbbrycewong (dragged)

Croc_acronym_Bbbrycewong (dragged) 1

Croc_acronym_Bbbrycewong (dragged) 2

Croc_acronym_Bbbrycewong (dragged) 4

Croc_acronym_Bbbrycewong (dragged) 3


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    damn! it’s a fire 😀