CONSTRUCT:10061 Concepts

An inherent part of CONSTRUCT:10061, our collaborative project with Timberland, is transparency. Both in highlighting the people involved, but also the process of creating.

Below is a mixture of some of the concepts we’ve shown on our Instagram page, each a raw example of in-the-moment creative thinking and experiments, and each with a unique and distinct story. Being confident and sharing these concepts, most of which are far removed from the polish of a commerical product that’s gone through rounds upon rounds of refinement, is something we’re trying to foster with this project. Not every shoe is a polished diamond right out of the gate, but there are undeniable glimpses of potential in every one of them (some perhaps more obvious then others).

This July we’ll be showing all of the experimental concepts, as well as our debut collection (selected concepts from our first event that have gone through a few rounds of development), at ComplexCon Chicago. Stay tuned to the CONSTRUCT:10061 Instagram for updates.

Also, our new website is live, feel free to have look through for some gems that arent on the Instagram yet.


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Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks |

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