ConceptSurgeon 01- Final Sample

It’s my pleasure to showcase the final sample of the ConceptSurgeon 01 (ConceptKicks x The Shoe Surgeon) design challenge, where we asked designers to imagine what a collaboration between Hender Scheme and Acronym might look like if based on a adidas EQT BOOST tooling.

The final ConceptSurgeon 01 winning design by, Corentin Bricout, features Corentin’s unique assymetrical design, a vegetable tan leather and black nylon upper, clean debossed logos, unique leather overlay detailing on the EQT BOOST sole, as well as completley replacing the bottom rubber outsole with veg tan leather.

Below we have a couple interviews, firstly we caught up with Corentin to get his thoughts on winning the first ConceptSurgeon and secondly withDominic to find out what some of the challenges were developing this design, why we’re doing this and what he beleives the future of ConceptSurgeon could be. See both of the interviews, below.

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ConceptSurgeon 01 Winner – Corentin Bricout

What were the challenges you found when coming up with this design?
Corentin: The main challenge was to understand and decide how to come up with a design that would be unique and fresh.
My creative process was not focusing only on the main lines of the design but I also paid a lot of attention to the choice of materials, proportions and details because it all works together. And of course fun is the key to make everything work together ! Especially on this one because the brief was allowing designers to go crazy and push their ideas as much as possible.

How did you decide to interoperate two seemingly very aesthetically opposing brands in Hender Scheme and Acronym?
Corentin: It was a great exercise to combine those brands together, I first decided to identify the key elements, what makes them what they are.
After understanding Hender Scheme and Acronym’s identities, I could define a design language and started sketching while keeping in mind that my design should feature overlapping layers, contrast and obviously be functional to keep this “magic” touch that makes Acronym so surprising and interesting. I wanted the silhouette to be clean and clear, highlighting the materials and the process itself.

How long did it take you to come up with the design?
Corentin: It took me few days to think about the brief and come up with my design.
I was working on it as soon as I had some free time after work, I’d say during 4 or 5 days maybe.

How does it feel to have your shoe design made into a reality? And by The Shoe Surgeon?
Corentin: It’s an amazing feeling of course, it’s always great to see your idea become something real and have it in your hands or even wear it !
I am really proud and honored that the shoe was crafted by the Shoe Surgeon. Dominic is doing an amazing work, he is a reference in the footwear community and his creations are crazy so it makes it even more special for me.

Will you wear your shoes?
Corentin: It’s funny because some people already asked me this questions. I’ve been thinking about it and the answer is : NO !
I will try them once, as a final step to close the loop. They are unique and special, I put passion in this project and it means a lot for me to have the real shoes now so I will think about a special place to showcase them.
Trust me, I’ll take care of them 🙂




Dominic Chambrone aka The Shoe Surgeon

Why are we doing ConceptSurgeon?
Dom: Concept surgeon was created for us to help push designers to do more. To create a larger community of designers and makers. For designers to be able to push themselves and potentially see their design come to life faster.

Were you expecting to have as many entries as we did? And what did you think of the general quality of them?
Dom: I didn’t expect as many entries at all. And I thought the majority were done very well. It was overwhelming and amazing to see.

Why did you like Corentin’s?
Dom: I liked how he mashed up the brands. And the leather bottom of the sole seemed like a challenge. I like how it’s a low top snap over sneaker. I liked how he put the veg tan over the back heel.

What was the most challenging aspects of the shoe to make?
Dom: The most challenging aspect was… sourcing the right material. Trying to get it exactly like the design which was nearly impossible. Sourcing the exact snaps. Also getting the rubber off of the boost perfectly and placing the back leather over the back heel smoothly.

What are your personal favourite features of the final physical shoe?
Dom: I really like the branding details on the sole. The leather sole and the snap feature.

Did this challenge push you and your team?
Dom: This definitely challenged my team and I a lot. From me really wanting to get the design exactly as the rendering. But that’s not normally how design and development works. You don’t normally get it right the first time. But that’s my goal always. Also sourcing specific material was tough and the most challenging was the leather down the back, I had to sand the boost down and then make it in 2 pieces and sew it on.

Advice to people entering the next competition?
Dom: Think technical as well as an overall amazing concept. Come with it. This is fun but make something you’re passionate about

What is the future of ConceptSurgeon?
Dom: The future is amazing. I’m excited to continue this and push the industry further. I love the ability to give a platform to push creatives to think outside he box.

Congrats to Corentin and a huge shoutout to The Shoe Surgeon and his team for crafting this first ConceptSurgeon creation.




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