Conceptkicks x Fashionsnoops | Footwear Focused Trend Forecasts

We’ve teamed up with the NYC-based trend forecasting agency, Fashionsnoops to offer active footwear focused trend forecasts that we believe, are more in-depth and impactful than anything currently being offered. The reason why we think that? Because this is a report by footwear designers & developers, for footwear designers & developers.

In the forecasts, we’ll cover everything from new off-the-shelf sole units that are available for brands to utilize, silhouette/shape trends, brands to watch and really just a whole host of observations based on both FS’s and our own, industry insights. From traveling to fashion weeks and trade shows everywhere from London, Paris, and Milan, to NYC and Tokyo, either working on our own projects or visiting factories for clients, we’re constantly on the cusp of what’s new and next in the industry. So, we figured that seeing as we’re already compiling this information for ourselves, why not curate some forecasts and make them available to designers and brands, sort of as a designers aid, to complement the observations you’ve already made.
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Fashionsnoops have been in the trend forecasting industry for 17 years, catering to all areas of the market from apparel and accessories, to home and beauty. Their main objective being to support creatives, not only with inspiration and insight but also with the tools they need to put their concepts and ideas together. They approached us for our industry insight and added their cultural global knowledge to validate the direction.
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We will be constantly updating our forecast with micro-reports, as soon as we spot the trend, whether it be an interesting new eco-material or innovative construction method, we’ll shoot it out.

Our first introductory forecast is already live on the Fashionsnoops website. If you’re interested in learning more about the trend reports and how you can subscribe to receive them, contact us at;

Photography by: Ellis Thomas
Curated by: David Mawdsley






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