Concept Renderings by SketchBug’s Roshan Hakkim

The SketchBug facebook page is always interesting to browse through and see what designer Roshan Hakkim has been up to lately, especially when he drops off some feet heat like the renderings below. Roshan’s great with testing out different mediums to render/sketch in, whether its a straight up cad rendering, markers, water color, you name it, Roshan’s tried it. With such a clean and fluid style, Roshan always makes his concepts scream off of the paper/screen – check out more of Roshan’s inspiring work, after the jump, also don’t forget to check out his SketchBug facebook page.
roshan-hakkim-sketchbug-1 roshan-hakkim-sketchbug-2

ad-1 roshan-hakkim-sketchbug-3 roshan-hakkim-sketchbug-5