Commercial Space Exploration Boots by Archie Tolentino

As you may or may not know, Pensole hosted it’s first ‘iPensole’ online course, opening the flood gates to talents from around the globe to learn from some of the industries best.

One of the projects created in the class was a Space Exploration Boot by Archie Toletino –

‘I had a few options but in the end I was assigned to design a space boot. I got the idea when I saw an advertisement about the first Filipino in space. It is a promo by a men’s care product brand in partnership with a commercial space flight company based in the US. I thought this could be the next big thing and saw an opportunity to initially design a whole suit but for this iPensole class, specifically a space boot. The group seemed to like the idea so I went for it. I had some reservations in going for that topic because who has been to space, right? I don’t know squat about space besides basic facts. Then DE (D’Wayne Edwards), as purposeful with everything said it is a good project since I will learn something new. It will force me out of my comfort zone and in the end grow as a designer and that is the purpose of this course. For us to grow as designers, not just footwear designers but designers in general.  So commercial space exploration boot it is!’

Inspiring stuff. Check out more of Archie’s project, after the jump.