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If you’re not a fan of traveling, running a footwear design & development agency might not be the best career choice. Omar and myself put in a good amount of miles, whether if it’s for our own personal projects or for clients. Currently I’m in London and Omar’s in India, both meeting potential new clients and just generally taking in the culture. Me being British makes my London trip quite a bit boring in comparison to Omar’s trip out to New Delhi, which is exactly why he made sure to snap a couple pictures during his travels to various shoe factories.

According to Omar the factories are some of the cleanest he’s ever been to, and these particular clients crank out around a quarter million pairs of shoes every single day…there’s also apparently a good amount of cows that just randomly roam the streets.



Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 13.18.21

Mr. Bailey

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  • Swagrid - 5 years ago

    No factory does a quarter of a million pairs per day, they would need to have around 200-300 assembly lines.

    • MrBailey - 5 years ago

      they have a lot more then one factory producing those numbers

    • omar bailey - 5 years ago

      8 factories, 250,000 pairs per day…i saw it with my own eyes and they are a long term client. Not sure why thats so hard to believe when they service a market with over 1.5 billion people in it.

    • omar bailey - 5 years ago

      how are you so sure thats not possible?

      • Swagrid - 5 years ago

        Didn’t realize it was across eight factories–that sounds more likely 🙂