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I recently caught up with the super talented, Manuele Bianchi of Casbia for a quick #ckinstaview. The idea of the ‘instaview’ being that I only ask three, fairly generic, but hopefuly interesting questions that give a quick, adrenaline style shot of an introduction to the people/person behind some of your favourite brands.

You can see what Manuele had to say about his favourite shoe of all time (which also happens to be my choice), what inspires him, as well as what some of his favourite instagram pages to follow are, below.

What are favourite shoes of all time?

My favorite shoe ever is the Footscape, have no doubt about it, man i love that shoe! I’ve been one of the first customers in the 90’s and since then i can’t live without them… i think it’s still the best example out there of balance between design, function and look… and it’s from the 90’s!
Anyway, I love sneakers, I respect the sneaker culture and I’m always really careful when I engage in this dialog, I try to stay as far as i can from the “designer sneakers”, you know what i mean?

What inspires you?

Usually everything but shoes and fashion, I love music, movies, art, architecture, cars, technology, industrial design, people etc. it seems like a lot to be inspired from!

Can you name some of your favorite instagram accounts to follow?

Here also I have an unconventional approach, except for highsnobiety and the usual suspects, I usually use instagram as I use reddit or spotify, I explore a lot, random search, hashtags… I must say that your’s is probably my fav IG, we surely have a lot in common and being colleagues helps, you usually post everything I see and think it’s noteworthy.
I still have to find your competitor 🙂
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