CK Interview | Creative Rec’s New Creative Director, Rich Cofinco

One half of the creative force behind ASIF footwear, founder of Creative Rec (and newly appointed Creative Director), Rich Cofinco has got his fingers in a number of different, creative pots.

We first caught up with Rich and his ASIF partner, Nate Harvey a while ago to discuss their super futuristic brand and how they’re disrupting the industry with not only their designs, but their business model (check out the interview here). Since then, we’ve both been keeping tabs on what’s been happening in each of our respective fields. So, as I was scrolling through my IG timeline I was pretty shocked when I saw a magazine article stating that Rich had re-joined forces with his old company, Creative Rec, to help try to steer them back in the right direction.

Given what I’ve seen him and Nate come up with for ASIF, it goes without saying it made me super intrigued about the future possibilities for Creative Rec. I reached out to Rich, and he was more then down with enlightening me with what he’s been up to, what CR needs and what he’s got planned for them.

You you check out the interview in full below, with a look at a few of Creative Rec’s and ASIF’s future releases. Big thanks to the homie, Rich for taking the time to do this.



You’re a busy man, can you tell us about some of the projects you’re working on right now?

RC – Im currently back at Creative Recreation as Creative Director and developing a brand “re”-creation come SP16 and onward. Also, working on a passion project called ASIF and run a creative agency called Visual Richuals.



What made you want to return to CR?

RC – I wanted to accept the challenge of bringing back the brands creative essence that at one point changed the footwear game.



What do you think has been missing from CR and what will you bring to the brand?

RC – The true DNA and vision has been lost and the soul of the brand has been misled. I felt it was my duty to bring back the true meaning of the brand: creative / artistic imagination – recreation / through work or play…..its been in the brand name since birth. As an individual you are your own canvas, its up to you on how you paint your picture….hopefully CR is one of the tools that enhance your creative individuality in any environment.



Where do you see CR heading in the near future?

RC – Progressive expression for anyone’s creative lifestyle!



Will you still be going back and forth between time zones to work on ASIF?

RC – LOL….yes….jumping between space and time is part of the creative process for ASIF….we gather information from the past, present and unknown.



How do you feel about the current state of the footwear industry?

RC – There’s inspiration, mass production, desperation, me too, next level or over saturation….as a consumer its your choice if you want to lead or follow and that will dictate where the footwear industry goes.




What’s your favorite brand right now (that you’re not affiliated with)?

RC – Safa Sahin…….think i seen him at sector quadrant///0002.1145…..hes out of this world and taking it there!!!



What inspires you?

RC – The compliments, appreciation and support you receive for creating something you believe in.



Any advice to young designers/entrepreneurs wanting to get involved in the footwear industry?

RC – Like all industries are, only the strong survive….ask yourself why you want to go into the footwear industry and prepare yourself to find out it wasn’t like you thought it would be…..gotta get your bars up!!!!


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