Charles F. Stead Tannery x Clarks Originals | Highsnobiety (Video)

Highsnobiety brings us another brilliant video, this time detailing the unique tanning process of the ‘British Suede’ used on Clarks Originals Desert Boot’s, produced by the Leeds-based, family-ran tannery, Charles F. Stead. There are so many beautiful aspects to shoe manufacturing, each being uniquely intricate and requiring a hefty amount of work. It’s always great once in a-while to have a look behind the curtain of what goes on in tanneries like this. It’s also nice to see a locally based tannery flourish and operate at such a high level at a time where outsourcing to far-off countries is the norm.

Check out Highsnobiety’s look behind what it takes to create some of the highest quality suede on the market, in their video below.


Charles F. Stead-clarks-highsnobiety-8

Charles F. Stead-clarks-highsnobiety-2

Charles F. Stead-clarks-highsnobiety-3


Charles F. Stead-clarks-highsnobiety-7

Charles F. Stead-clarks-highsnobiety-6

Charles F. Stead-clarks-highsnobiety-4

Charles F. Stead-clarks-highsnobiety-1

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