Champion The Positives by Tom Rushbrook

Half of the battle being a designer is trying to become/stay inspired, something that Tom Rushbrook has decided to take into his own hands and create the Tinker approved ‘Champion The Positives’ Tmblr page, where you’ll find everything from gold coloured beetles, androids, intricate architecture, fighting dogs, space cameras, lace-tips, a man with a skull tattoo on his hand, Daft Punk, awesome jewelry, an axe, helmets, sweet quotes, tricycles, bionic spiders, dogs dressed like Winston Churchill, Samurai swords, ninjas, concept spaceships, art, gas mask, dope chairs, naked pictures of Rihanna (jk)…i think you get my point. Head over to Tom’s Tmblr now and get inspired!

(…btw, the other half is getting off of your a$$ and making it happen).