Cesar Viramontes – Adidas Underground Concept (Updated)

These beautiful Adidas Underground samples are brought to you by industrial designer, Cesar Viramontes. Designed for “Urban Climbing, also known as urban climbing, structuring, or stegophily, and is the act of climbing on the outside of buildings and other artificial structures. The word “buildering” is a combination ofthe word “building” with the climbing term “bouldering”.” – Cesar. Check out the great sketch exploration and sample development below.

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[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you came up with this concept? [/highlight]

Well I am a recent grad from Cal State Long Beach in Industrial design. Looking to move up to the bay area soon. I love the outdoors and the city living which I believe was a major inspiration for this project. I have been a long time climber and boulderer, and found this new sport, urban climbing and thought making a specific shoe for that sport would be awesome, because there is nothing really out there for it. Even though it is just a concept there was thought behind the whole design, to fit its environment, the branding behind it and to meet the needs of the user. I would say my favorite feature would be the the symmetry between the climbing rubber pulled and wrapped over the sole and how it has a purpose and works with the aesthetics of the whole shoe.