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Aranka Agatha imagined a poetic image of a future world submerged in water, for her graduation collection from ArtEZ, Arnhem. “I imagined that our climate is going to change and that our sea levels are rising, creating a new world,” said Aranka.

In a world where the surroundings are changing, one can only imagine how the inhabitants are responding and changing too. Aranka continued, “I used this world as an inspiration to create new silhouettes. The new silhouettes let inhabitants stay a drift in this new world of fluid surroundings. The silhouettes become lightweight and voluminous covering the body with a soft bouncy layer of air. With these silhouettes I am exploring the relationship between the human body and it’s surroundings.”

You can see more of Aranka’s incredibly inspiring [Buoy]ancy collection, below.





Only 3 days to go!! Expo Artez finals 28-06/02-07 Sneak peek [Buoy]ancy Shot by @bobannink model @montellvanleijen

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Expo life…

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