Brooks Trailblade Render – Cameron Braithwaite (UpDate)

Cameron Braithwaite is somewhat of a pioneer in the way he goes the extra mile when displaying his footwear concepts. With crazy angles and perspectives, Cameron’s renders are more art works then just design. These Brooks Men’s Trailblade concept renders are no different, this rendering is sick! The exploded view is always a client favorite, it’s exciting while also being very helpful in explaining the construction of the shoe. You can your hands on a pair of the Trailblades here.

CK – Can you tell us a little about yourself?

CB – I don’t know what to tell you…I have a B.F.A. in Industrial Design with emphasis in Transportation Design.  I worked on a few cars for General Motors and Ford.  From there I went on to design shoes and I have been enjoying myself ever since.  I feel lucky that I fell into footwear.  There is nothing better then a well designed shoe.

CK-What inspired this design?
CB – Speed is always the first thing that inspires all my shoe designs.  I want the shoe to look like it is moving when it is standing still on a shoe wall.  The other is purpose and functionality.
The outdoors has all inspiration in it.  I believe that all design can be found in nature.
CK – What is your favorite feature of the shoe?  
CB – My favorite feature is the webbing that captures the second to last lace loop.  The webbing actually free-floats so the lace actually cinches the heel into the heel counter for a great fit.  It also adds a nice 1 inch and 1 foot detail that consumers enjoy.