Brian Tierney x Christopher Underwood Boots (UpDate)

Designed & developed by Brian Tierny, these Christopher Underwood boots are super slick and are guaranteed to grab some attention.

‘Christopher Underwood boots are envied on city streets, worked and roughed up on at the construction sites, and chosen above all for style and quality. The boots feature smart heel technology enabling the user to know when the soles need to be replaced. Along with the outsole design, the upper is designed to bridge the aesthetic gap between work and fashion making the boot wearable in any situation I branded the company Christopher Underwood and designed a logo, packaging and a concept for retail store displays. The logo is intended to convey heritage and it also depicts a lug pattern for the smart heel technology. The packaging consists of a 100% recycled box inside of a burlap biodegradable bag which can be used later for other purposes.’ – Brian

[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in May 2010 shortly after I completed my Christopher Underwood project. From there I went on to land a couple of internships that lured me to the East Coast. First I joined Timberland’s Outdoor Performance Team; then, after a year, I jumped to New Balance and spent 3 months working on the Wellness Team. This past month I moved to Burlington VT to start my new job at Jager Di Paola Kemp Design (JDK) where I am a Color Designer for Mens Merrell Footwear.

[highlight] What inspired the concept? [/highlight]

I was inspired by heritage work boots (ex. Red Wing Classic 6″, Timberland 6″, Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection) and how they are now worn as a lifestyle product but were originally designed for the “working man”. I wanted to design a boot that was workplace capable but with style in mind.

[highlight] What is your favorite feature of the design? [/highlight]

My favorite feature of the boot would have to be the Smart Heel Technology. It’s a very simple concept that informs the user of when the soles need to be replaced. My favorite design detail is the asymmetrical toe which also provides more protection on the lateral part of the boot.

Check out the development of the samples, from sketch to final product, below.