Brett Goliff – Sketchbook Drop

Seeing what Brett Goliff is up to over on his blog is always interesting. If i’m not spending hours looking at his daily dope posts, i’m checking out his sketches and concepts, like the ones below. A seriously great source of inspiration & knowledge, i highly suggest you check his page out.

Below is a new project his currently working on, developing a Nike FlyKnit sneaker that he can wear on the daily –

‘What you are viewing here is the reason why I have yet to deliver Part 3 in my Form, Function & Philosophy of the FlyKnit Trainer.

As I began to write Part 3 I started discussing what I felt the future could be for FlyKnit and if you recall in Part 2 the Function, I described why I needed a stability shoe instead of  the amazing FlyKnit Trainer. So I decided to use Part 3 as an opportunity to create a solution for the reason why I can’t run in the FlyKnit Trainer everyday, pronation. I focused very hard on trying to paint a picture with my words within the writing and I decided that I should just do a quick design so you, the readers; fully grasp what I am trying to describe. That idea quickly turned into a full project as every time I went to Illustrator to create the final rendering I would be unhappy with the result. It wouldn’t be far enough into the future or the graphics were not aligning or the silhouette was wack. So I kept revising and revising and restarting and revising to the point that you see now, my final direction.

I don’t want to give away too much of the details because obviously I want you to come back and view the Philosophy on Monday but the whole basis is around the idea that the nature of FlyKnit would be against adding a large plastic piece that locks the foot in place to reduce pronation. FlyKnit is a minimal construction with endless possibilities and I intend to explore those in this design. So come back on Monday and see the final result!’ – Brett

Be sure to stay tuned to his site and check out his re-worked FlyKnit drop on Monday!