Brandblack x NiceKicks Interview (Video)

Matt Halfhill of NiceKicks recently sat down with the founder of one of the most exciting newer footwear brands currently on the market; Brandblack. You may or may not remember we did a fairly in-depth interview with them a while back (check it out here), and we’ve been watching closely ever since. Brandblack is really the only footwear brand outside of Nike, Adidas & NB that are actually developing new technology/material to create better performing product. This of-course earns major respect points from us, because it really takes balls and total commitment to your brand/product to continue to innovate and take on the big boys of the industry, while still staying in your own lane.

In the video below David talks about a couple new sneakers they have coming out, ‘the Ether’ (Basketball) and the ‘Run For Your Life’ (Running). Check out what David has to say about the construction and inspiration behind both of these new silhouttes and a little bit of info on the J Crossover III, in the video below.




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