Brandblack Released Their J.Crossover III

If you’ve been following CK for a while, you’ll be aware that Brandblack is a favorite. As stated many times, Brandblack isn’t afraid to battle with the big boys and offer something different to the table. With Jamal Crawford now on his third signature shoe, and with recent signee Josh Smith, it looks like owners, David Raysse & Billy Dill are building a strong Basketball base.

Yesterday they dropped their third signature Basketball shoe for Jamal Crawford, the J.Crossover III, which promptly soled out on their web-store that same day (though I believe they’re still available in other locations).

The shoe’s feature;

  • Support ShroudThe JC3 is two shoes in one; equipped with a removable support shroud that cradles the entire heel and ankle area by wrapping around the outside of the shoe.
  • Force Vector Technology – The full-length thermo-plastic “Force Vector” plate cradles the whole sole.
  • Fused Second Skin Fused Thermoplastic urethane reinforces the strategic “lock-down” areas of the upper heel, forefoot and laces.
  • Ballistic Nylon upper An ultra-light & super strong ballistic Nylon (traditionally used in military applications) one-piece upper is super thin so it hugs the foot like a second skin.
  • Superior Fit A 4MM high density foam collar lining creates more ankle support by fitting better than traditional linings. Softer,thicker foams used on most shoes create more space between the foot and the shoe,this space allows movement & instability.
  • Semi-Sock Construction – Combining the best attributes of a sock construction’s great support and snug fit with the ease of ingress & egress of a traditional tongue.
  • Ergo Interface – A molded asymmetrical heel locking pad has been shaped like the negative space caused by your ankle bone in the shoe; creating a1-1 fit like none other.
  • Multi Directional Tread – A wiper blade inspired traction motif cleans the surface of the court while gripping in every direction. Designed for multi surfaces and giving an unparalleled combination off traction & wear.
  • Black Foam One of the newest generations of foams on the market; this revolutionary foam has 20% more rebound than other foams.
  • Mid Foot ShankThermo-Plastic mid-foot shank supports the whole mid-foot,protecting and supporting during high stress performance.

Brandblack continues to blur the line between well thought out, functional performance, and fashionable/style conscious footwear. The removable, moulded shroud really brings an interesting functionality & aesthetic to the shoe. And as with most Brandblack styles, the HF Welded upper creates a super sleek and clean look. It’s great to see them continue to grow and evolve, it’ll be interesting to see what’s next from them. For now though you can check out the initial cads, samples and final beauty shots of the J.Crossover III, below.














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