‘Bottom Up’ by Lennart Bras

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the super talented, Suzanne Oude Hengel yesterday. During our chat she mentioned some of the work that she’s been finding incredibly inspiring, and the recently graduated designer, Lennart Bras came up, and particularly, his ‘Bottom Up’ project.

‘Bottom Up’ is an extremley clever approach to footwear construction. Without using any glue or stitching, Lennart has created a contruction method that looks to have been inspired by both vulcanised sole development and the way certain IKEA like furniture interlocks, that combine the sole and upper in a really unique way –

“My graduation collection is about the brightness of construction. My interests lie in industrial production and how these can be translated into simple building principles . Bottom Up means ” from the bottom up ” and refers to my method which I myself as open as possible essay to invent new uses of known construction principles.

My graduation collection was created through research and analysis of existing semis, readability and focus in construction. The production finds its application in various designs from furniture to shoes. The furniture series arose from the use of functional and technical principles. The series of shoes have been developed by the construction of the upper and the sole to connect without glue and to develop the shape from the make principle.” – Lennart

You can see some functioning examples of Lennart’s concept in the video’s below, as well as a look at some final beauty shots of the final development samples.









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  • marnixbras - 4 years ago

    I like the environmental part of this idea. You can easily replace parts of this modular shoe.