Boiled Leather & Cement Shoes by Elizabeth Moran

Footwear design extends far from your pen, laptop or tablet, understanding and being brave enough to tackle the very core structure of the shoe, developing and building upon ancient material processes used for different purposes and applying them to modern day products can only lead to interesting and innovative results. Which is exactly what designer, Elizabeth Moran has done, taking a method of preparing leather to create the actual structure of both the sole & upper to hold and support the weight of the user –

‘Boiled leather was used during the Middle Ages to construct rigid armor and breastplates. These boots utilize boiled leather to create structure. I employed the same construction technique used in the Cement Shoes (CK edit – you can see those below the leather samples): a hidden hollow platform that otherwise would not support the weight of the wearer. Due to the nature of the material, when boiled it shrinks, curls, hardens and darkens to create a hard and rigid form.’ – Elizabeth

It will be interesting to see if Elizabeth (or anyone else) develops these ideas further to create something even more unique and dynamic. See more of Elizabeth’s innovative work, after the jump.