Bio-Knit Sneakers | Ammo Liao

Designer Ammo Liao has created his own Bio-Knit version of adidas’ PrimeKnit technology, but with an interesting twist.
Ammo’s aim was to create a shoe that would be easily recycled once it’s no longer wearable. To achieve that he’s created a single layer knitted upper (similar to a Prime Knit shoe) that essentially uses less material than a conventional sneaker. What’s greatly different about Ammo’s Bio Knit sneaker is the fact that he’s used Laser engraving to alter the strength and flexibility of the knitted upper in areas where more, or less, support is needed. This allows a single layer, single material upper to be used on the sneaker, while still providing a fairly complex level of ergonomic support and flexibility in different areas of the shoe.

“Through textile biomimicry, single material can provide multiple functions, simultaneously displaying soft, flexible and robust textures. Creating one product completely without composites will dramatically reduce the recycling cost of current multi-material products.” – Ammo

Check out Ammo’s process video, below.


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 13.09.41
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 13.10.11
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 13.09.53

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