Benjamin Pauchet x Kalenji Eliofeet (UpDated)

These Eliofeet sneaks are insane, designer¬†Benjamin Pauchet has done an amazing job designing something that’s a little out-of-the-box and yet still relatable to the mainstream consumer. Whats really interesting is the strap that wraps around the upper and goes through the sole, securing the foot in place and pulling the foot into the shoe bed. Check out the renders and final product, below.

[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

I’m designer footwear since now 3 years at kalenji, very nice brand because it small and we have a lot of freedom to create new products

[highlight] What inspired this concept? [/highlight]

The main inspiration of this concept is a study we made with research and development and shows that the only thing you need to run secure is this strap positionate like this moreover this project is creating to feel running naked feet, thats why we make a slipper with some elastic parts, the aim is to have only what you need to run secure and nothing more, no flourish…

[highlight] What are your favorite features of the design? [/highlight]

For me the most important thing in design is the story of the product, not really the concept or the style but what you want to tell with your product, emotion is for me the key of a good product, so i hope to create products giving emotions to people….