Ben Nethongkome Shares Kyrie 5 Sketches

Nike designer, Ben Nethongkome recently shared some of the initial sketch/renders of Kyrie Irving’s latest signature Basketball sneaker.

Detailing some of the process behind the latest design, and the evolution from last years Kyrie 4 to the latest model, Ben stated that “Out the gate, he said, ‘Yo Ben, for the 5, I want to push being sharper and quicker.’ For me, I took that as, through a performance lens, he wants to be quicker on the court. From a visual expression standpoint, the shoe should look faster, quicker and sharper. That was a departure from the 4 to the 5, where the shoe looks like speed on the court. To do that, we took some steps.

First and foremost was making sure that the silhouette was quicker. We looked at it from the ground up. The last of the shoe – we removed some volume in the forefoot, so that the taper in the forefoot is more modern and less bulky than what we had in the 4. We checked with Ky and said, ‘Here’s the shape of the shoe – just the silhouette – before we even get into the design. How do you feel about that look?’ He liked that we were getting quicker and sharper.” – Ben

NiceKicksNick DePaula caught up with Ben to discuss the design process, which you can listen to, here.

See more of of the initial sketches, as well as some shots of the final sneakers, below.

Image by NiceKicks/Gabe Oshin

Image by NiceKicks/Gabe Oshin


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