Behind The Brand – Gram (Video)

Lester Jones, Photographer and Videographer extraordinaire caught up with Alexis Holm, the man behind the shoe brand ‘Gram‘. I remember catching up with these guys at Bread & Butter a couple years back and being very impressed with the overall quality and concept behind the brand, so it’s great to see interesting and original footwear like this available in the market –

‘While in Hong Kong, I caught up with Alexis Holm the Creative Director behind shoe brand ‘Gram’.

The brand is renowned for it’s clean and elegant approach to shoe design; with timeless styles matched with innovative colourways and patterning, and no style names exist, as each shoe is simply named by it’s weight (shown on the heel detail).
Based in the Square Street store that he runs with fellow Scandinavian Designer David Ercisson, the space is an inspiring design workshop meets store, and was the perfect setting for the latest in my ‘Behind The Brand’ series, allowing us to hear about Alexis’ relationship with Gram, and the past, present and future for the brand.’ – Lester

Check out the video after the jump.

Behind The Brand; Gram from Lester Jones on Vimeo