Auxiliary Debuts Augmented Reality Display At Selfridges

Yesterday, Auxiliary founder, footwear designer and occasional Balenciaga cap wearer, Matthew Taylor invited me to see the debut of his latest collection and AR insallation at Selfridges in central London.

“I kept marvelling how shoe design has become what it is, and how some renders of shoes get as much attention online as real shoes. And what is real these days anyway? This was the basis of the new @_theauxiliary_ installation in Selfridges, it’s really quite amazing, I must have used it 100 times now and I still smile ear to ear every time it fires up. I’ll be lingering around for the next few weeks, give me a shout and come by and have a look! Massive shout out to everyone that was involved and helped out along the way @camtemple @evanspringle @stinkstudios @benjleaver @antoniopignone @graemegaughan @darrenskey75 @nieuway_agency
@accoutrementstudio– Matthew Taylor

As you can see from the video below, by simply opening your smartphone camera and placing it over the bar code, you get transported into a virtual world of Auxiliary – floating shoes, weaving aux cables and vertigo inducing collapsing floors, inculded.

You can see an example of the AR installation below, as well as a look at some of Auxiliary’s latest collection, which will be on display at Selfridges for the next 2 weeks.

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