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Liquid Printed Natives

Self-Assembly Lab, MIT, Native Shoes and Emily Carr U. of Art and Design have been working together to print Native’s “Audrey” and “Jefferson” shoes in liquid rubber.

Printed in a single piece using a material developed by a team at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. The printing process itself involves extruding the liquid plastic material inside a vat of gel, building the shoe from the sole up without the need for printing additonal external support structures.

The material used to produce the 3D print is also made from mostly recycled materials. According to Fast Company, the rubber-like material is made from a combination of recycled EVA and a flexible material used by Native Shoes for its more traditional footwear (via 3dprintingmedia).

Theres no word yet on the release of Liquid Printed Natives, as the process and materials are still being refined. For now though, you can get a glimpse into the Liquid Printing process, below.

Self-Assembly Lab Team:
Bjorn Sparrman, Kate Hajash, Shokofeh Darbari, Schendy Kernizan, Jared Laucks & Skylar Tibbits


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See Some Of The Design Behind Nike’s Adapt BB 2.0

Nike Senior Footwear Designer, Benjamin Nethongkome recently shared a look at some of the initial design sketches & renderings of Nike’s latest self lacing Adapt BB 2.0.

Notable updates to the BB 2.0 include, an added Air Zoom Turbo at the forefoot and a reconfigured midsole stack height (for a better transition from heel to toe), along with a few other design tweaks to make the shoes easier to put on.

Below you can see some of the initial sketches, renderings as well a look at the final silhouette.

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A Glimpse At The Development Of Merrell’s “Hydro Moc”

Merrell’s Hydro Moc is quickly becomming a legendary silhouette amoungst the design world. From quirky mash-ups (see below) to infiltrating untold amounts of brands mood boards, the Hydro Moc really is a thing of beauty.

Merrell designer, Ian M Cobb recently shared a quick look at some of the development that went into the creation of the Hyrdo Moc.

“The Hydro Moc! Big team effort here. We love seeing the fan love so I figured I’d post this. Here’s a glimpse into the design process.” – Cobb

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A Look At Some Early Samples Of Li-Ning’s “Essence Kungfu”

Li-Ning Footwear Designer, Troy Wang recently shared some early samples of an upcoming Li-Ning silhouette, the Essence Kungfu – which was debuted at this past Men’s Fasion Week in Paris.

The styles appear to have a mixture of knitted and potentially neoprene uppers with a topographic style layered sole unit and boxy moulded heal counter.

You can see some early samples of the Essence Kungfu, below.


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If You Grew A Shoe This Is How It Would Look

Innovator, Designer & Artist, Zixiong Wei (@scccccry) recently shared another of his always beautifully executed footwear concept. This time there wasn’t much of an explination behind the concept, but it looks like what a shoe may look like if it was grown/cultured straight out of petri dish.

A beautiful, organic and semi-transparent fleshy silhouette, with the tread pattern looking like the skin on your fingers/toes when you’ve been in the bath for too long.

You can see Zixiong’s organic concept renderings, below.

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A More In-Depth Look At The Process Behind Reebok’s DMX Elusion 001

We posted an initial look at the design of Reebok’s DMX Elusion 001 last week. Since then, Senior Reebok Footwear Designer, Brian Rinella hit us up to share a little more insight into the process –

“Part 1: “Can we do that?” – Fresh off soaking up inspiration in Barcelona, our design team came home itching to unload our brains. Put some pen to paper. Or I guess for others, stylus’ to Wacom screens. Or even others, clay to lasts. Oculus VR handwands to…nope. Too far. Whatever the medium. I suppose it’s irrelevant. Every designer has his or her thing that works. We got creative. I had this one crazy sketch and my visionary director, Zac @zee.ayy.cee , saw something in it. He and Dan Hobson encouraged me to take it and push it much further than I was comfortable at the time. “Full-send”. I believe was the quote. My amazing PM crew, @heathengoat @gregkorbas @simowiththeshot were also keen to go “full-send”. The stars had aligned. So send it, we did. ….then development saw what we were cooking up……😳” – Rinella

Below you can see some of the initial sketches and renders, as well as a look at the final silhouette.

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Filling Pieces Shares The Design Process Of Upcomming Silhouette

Filling Pieces Founder and Creative Director, Guillaume Philibert recently took to Instagram to share some of the design and development process behind a new silhouette that they appear to be showing at Paris (Men’s) Fashion Week.

The stacked pre-fab runner style features a wrapped waffled outsole that bleeds over to the shoes vamp. We also see some super interesting material and colour combos.

Below you can swipe through to see some of the process that went into the creation of FP’s latest silhouette.

S/o @Martzer_ & @Lennheden


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Top 9 #ckinspiration Posts


A post about things we already posted.

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A Look At The Reebok DMX Elusion 001

Senior Reebok Footwear Designer, Brian Rinella recently shared a look at the DMX Elusion 001, a super unique style that features a DMX bladder, EVA midsole and Zig propulsion plate.

“2020 is set to be a big year for #reebok . Why not kick things off with some crazy? [SS20 d m x e l u s i o n 0 0 1] This shoe shouldn’t exist. Should never have made it past concept phase. And yet for you lucky ducks, here it is. A rare unicorn from the brand that brought you the Pump Fury when you never asked for it. It has a 5-7 component outsole, sits on a heel moving air DMX bladder, Floatride Fuel molded EVA full-length midsole and full-length Zig propulsion plate. It is I believe, the craziest shoe I’ve had the pleasure to design and the fact that it exists shows the abilities and talents of a brand willing to push the limits, the talents of an amazing factory, and an unbelievable product development team. I literally had emergency surgery during the production of this shoe and put quite a bit of “blood, sweat, and tears” into it. Stay tuned for an in-depth story of how a great team made this crazy shoe a reality. Was a treat to bring it to you. If you’ll patiently indulge me, I’ll try to gather up my files and tell you a tale of a shoe: “From my brain to your feet.” – Rinella

Below you can see some of the initial renders, as well as some images of the final shoe.

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This Instagram Account Is Reincarnating VHS Tapes Into Shoes

IG account @Footwear_Trials has been busy turning random objects into footwear concepts. From VHS tapes and Trucker hats to old radio casette players and skateboards.

Below you can see some of the trials they’ve already executed, head to their Instagram account to see more.


“Started this project where I take one object and use this object to create a sneaker. This time I transformed an old trucker-hat into a Wallabee-like construction. It surprised me that so many shapes of the hat fitted my last so perfectly. I divided the cap in two pieces so it could serve as heel-and-toe enforcement. I reversed the foam and covered it by the mesh to give it a more clean look. Last but not least, the use of the plastic snap as closing was an obvious choice done much better by @calvinklein but why not..” – @Footwear_Trials


“This time I was curious to see how an old VHS tape could be a sneaker. I soon found out that the actual filmtape could be weaved into an upper. For the outsole I connected bits and pieces from the VHS to make the tape circle around and connected the upper and outsole with that same tape.
Let’s hope
@kellyhart is not mad at me for using this old 411VM issue number 45.” – @Footwear_Trials


“This one is a little different than usual. Instead of a sneaker reincarnation a sneaker rebirth. From #janoski in the streets to @stefanjanoski in a suit. A Big Special thank you to @eelcodekoning for this opportunity!!” – @Footwear_Trials

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A Look At The Initial Render Of The Nike Zoom Pegasus 36

Nike Senior Footwear Designer, Vianney de Montgolfier shared a look at the initial sketch/render of the Nike Zoome Pegasus 36, earlier this last year.

“Fast is the focus with these training and racing shoes that are designed to meet the needs of every runner — from world-class marathoners to those who just want to log I-feel-amazing miles on the weekends.” – Vianney

You can see Vianney’s beautifully executed signature rendering style, as well as a look at the final product, below.

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Shoe/Bag/Sculpture By PLAYLAB’s Dillon Kogle

Designer, Dillon Kogle of the NYC based creative agency, PLAYLAB, INC. created this super interesting shoe concept / bag mash-up.

“Shoe / bag / sculpture. Inspired by Nike, Christo, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tom Sachs, Mauro Prosperi, 99%IS, & probably more.” – Dillon Kogle

Below you can see an initial mock-up, as well a detailed look at the final result.

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Digital Explorations By Oran Sheinman

Industrial Designer, Oran Sheinman has been sharing some super intriguing renderings of his ditial experiments via his Instagram account.

From anatomy driven tooling, to barefoot and adaptive exoskeleton concepts, Oran’s experiments are varying and unique.

You can see more of his explorations, below.

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Mysterious Chinese Brand Shares Impressive Sample

I really don’t know much about the brand, or the designer “L Z Y” that shared this on his Instagram, other then the fact that the sample is super impressive.

Quite refreshing to have a little mystery.

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A Look At The Design Of The SC Premiere, Supercourt & Supercourt RX

Product designer and adidas Originals Footwear Designer, Lena Ida Kanke recently shared some insight into the creation of the adidas SC Premiere, Supercourt and the Supercourt RX.

“A contemporary take on adidas classic Court heritage! 🎾 So happy seeing this one being launched globally earlier this year! Great team work, great project and great outcome! Possibly one of the project I’m being most proud of!” – Lena Ida Kanke

Below you can see some of the process and line art, as well as the finals SC models.

Creative Direction: Oddbjorn Stavseng + Nic Galway
Product Design: @lenaidagroneck
Color + Materials: @luijacuzzi + @joshuag1989
Product Management: @brettletourneau + @chriswheat
Development: @adammaher4
Pattern: @frauke.binder
Tooling: @jamesmaa
Communication and Launch: @clubalex + @maherjennifer
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