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Initial Design Of The Adidas ZoneBoost

Footwear Design Director of Advanced Concepts, Jean Khalifé recently shared an insight into the creation of the 90’s inspired adidas ZoneBoost.

“If the #marqueeboost was a tribute to #adidas amazing 80’s #basketball legacy, this new chapter with the #zoneboost is all about the 90’s golden era. This is certainly one of the most enjoyable project I had to design.” – Khalifé

He also went on to thank his team at the Brooklyn Creator Farm – “I wanted to thank @heybz for her precious help and knowledges, @mo_fizzle, @mbroidered for their insights. Also thanks @marcdolce for giving me the opportunity to have a blast with this project. Big credit to the legendary factory who made this shoe happen.
#bornfrombrooklyn” – Khalifé

You can see some of  Khalifé’s ZoneBoost sketches, as well as the final product, below.

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‘Anti-Gravity’ Shoes By Yukako Hihara

Created to give the wearer the feeling flying, Japanese artist and designer Yukako Hihara has created a pair of ‘anti-gravity’ shoes which utilize the replusive force of magnets. Hihara placed magnets at the forefoot and heel of a clear polyurethane ‘inner shoe’, and placed magnets with matching poles in the encapsulated ‘outer shoe’ (also made from a clear polyurethane) to create the ‘anti-gravity’ floatation system.


As promising as the concept is, Hihara noted that there’s clearly still some development needed – “because I prioritized the design, the size of this magnet does not provide enough magnetic force and so does not float completely when walking. This is a point of improvement point, as the ideal situation would be to stay floating in the air.” explained Hihara.

Via – Designboom

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Design Story Of Unreleased 2002 Low Top Nike ACG Tallac

Former Nike designer, Peter Fogg recently shared some of the initial design and development of a low top ACG Tallac concept.

“There was a low top designed to family with the original Tallac back in 2002. Leadership told me to redesign and adjust to line up with a trail shoe running was doing. In the end this shoe and the trail running shoe were dropped.” – Peter Fogg

You can see the initial rendering, as well as some prototypes of the concept, below.

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The Inspiring Work Of Ventsislav Nikolov

A quick look at some of, ECCO Footwear designer, Ventsislav Nikolov’s beautiful design explorations and concept renderings.

I remember being in awe of some of Ventsislav’s early Nike renderings, and after having stumbled on some of his latest work it’s great to see he’s still cranking out thought provoking designs and well executed renders.

You can see some of his work below, for more head to his portfolio.

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The Initial Design Process Of The Nike Kobe 3

Former Nike designer, Steve McDonald is constantly sharing gems via his Instagram account.

One of the latest being a bit of an insight into the design of the Nike Kobe 3’s, which were mostly designed by Steve, with some help from, E Scott Morris and Kaesy Jarvis –

SMc (Steve McDonald) design is about 90%, E (E Scott Morris) designed 7% (and) Kasey Jarvis (now UA) designed 3%” – McDonald

According to Steve, the Last for these was totally designed from scratch and Kobe was a big fan of the shoe. Below you can see the initial render, as well as the final shoe.

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A light mixture of summer time audio inspired by my latest trip to, LA.

CONSTRUCT:10061 Second Season Collection

As you may know, on our latest CONSTRUCT:10061 event in the DR we made roughly 90/95 samples. With varying degrees of creative insanity, some concepts were super progressive, while others were a little more polished.

We’ve been baring it all and sharing our experiments via our Instagram page for the past couple of months, and now comes the time to curate those 90+ samples down to a final collection that will be developed into something that’s atleast semi-commerically viable.

We’ve circled 24 concepts, which we’ll be sharing on our Instagram over the coming days. It’s important to us to hear your feedback, what you like, what you don’t, and most importantly, what you’d change.

Make sure to stay tuned to @CONSTRUCT10061 to be involved in the curation process.

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Sankuanz Footwear ss20

The Xiamen-based brand, Sankuanz was founded by designer Shanguan Zhe in 2008. Over the past few seasons they’ve started to gain a lot attention for their designs, most notably for their ultra chunky “shoes for shoes” over sandals.

They recently shared some of their upcomming Spring / Summer 2020 collection at Paris Fashion Week that included some super interesting mash-ups, as well as their famed “over-shoe” sandal.

You can see more from their upcomming collection, below.

Images credits: Regis Colin Berthelier for NOWFASHION


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The Initial Design Process Of The Adidas Nemeziz 19

Adidas Senior Footwear Designer, Marc Illan recently posted a look at some of the intial inspiration and concept renderings of the adidas Footbal, Nemeziz ’19.

Below you get a glimpse into Illan’s design process, from being inspired by the 80’s, to the manner in which he fleshes out design detailing.

Collaboratiors and contributors: Dave Surace, Adrien Noirhomme, Raphael Curet, Anthony the Monchy, Alice Alfaroli.

“Early concept sketches. I usually get inspiration from 80´s products and movies. That helps me also in chosing a color palette at first.” – Illan
“Evolution of the concept” – Illan
“Refining the areas further adding technical data into the rendering” – Illan
“Hollistic concept from stadium to street.” – Illan
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Coolrain Lee’s Miniature Masterpieces

I’ve been obsessed with the miniature miracle mastermind that is, Coolrain Lee ever since Salehe Bembury shared some initial proto’s of the model he made of him a month or so ago.

Honestly, the impressive amount of detail and craftsmanship in each of his pieces is really second to none. From like-for-like outsoles, to replicating the exact lacing structure, woven detailing or upper moulded pieces, Coolerain’s creations really are mini-masterpieces.

You can see some of his work below, to see more make sure to head to his Instagram account.

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Top 9 #ckinspiration Posts


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See Some Of The Development of Nike’s N.354 & D/MS/X

A couple weeks back Nike announced the new “N. 354,” “THE10TH” & “D/MS/X” sportswear lines. Each line represnets a slightly different facet of the brand, from championing experimentation, to their love for competition.

Nike recently shared a breif insight into some of the development of 2 of their 3 new lines via their @354_10_6 Instagram account. Detailing everything from the 3D sole development, upper patterns and early prototypes.


“D/MS/X celebrates Nike’s rebellious and irreverent spirit. Playing at the intersection of subversive culture and love for competition, D/MS/X creates the new.” – Nike


“N.354 champions Nike’s legacy of experimentation and innovation.” – Nike

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The Design & Development of Frederick Phua’s “The Future Is Now” Concept

We initially posted this concept by Vehicle designer Frederick Phua, to our Instagram account a few weeks ago.

And now we get a little more insight into the initial design and development of the highly conceptual and ongoing project, from sketches through 3D model prototyping.

Featuring a hammock style sole unit and what looks to be the primeknit upper from an ultraBOOST silhouette, it’s clear to see Phua’s Vehicle design language coming through in the concept.

See more of Phua’s project, below.

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Adidas x UNDFTD CLIMACOOL Initial Sketches

Adidas Y-3 Footwear Design Director, Aurelien Longo recently shared some of the initial sketches behind the Adidas x UNDFTD CLIMACOOL.

Couldn’t be prouder of the new silhouettes designed especially for this collaboration : the GSG9 and the Climacool.

Again, team-work strikes again. Thanks team for making this happen ❤️
@msuarezprat @mb0116 and all the ones involved in this project 👊🏻 .” – Longo

You can see some ofthe initial sketches and development process of the Adidas x UNDFTD CLIMACOOL, below.

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A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Filling Pieces’ ss20 Footwear Collection

Design Director at Filling Pieces footwear, Michael Lennheden and Filling Pieces footwear Designer, Martin Sallieres have been sharing some of the initial work that has gone into FP’s upcomming footwear collection, which they debuted at this past Paris fashion week.

From clever hidden branding, to chunky proportioned workwear boots and carabiner inspired high heels, FP looks to be rolling out some super unique and unexpected styles for spring/summer 2020.

You can see some of the initial sketches and protos, below.
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For career climbing. (Prototype 01)

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