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CONSTRUCT:10061 | #003 Change Climate


This coming Monday 14th October, we’re taking CONSTRUCT:10061 to VF’s Innovation HQ in New Hampshire (just outside of Boston for all my non-Americans).

This season our theme in #ChangeClimate – with the environment as we know it changing, we’re seeing how we can ready ourselves for more extreme weather, and ofcourse how we can re-use materials and implement our eco-innovations into the design process to re-think product creation. We’re also implementing a few new programs and experimenting with design processes to see how we can mesh digital product creation with hands on making.

Make sure to stay tuned to the CONSTRUCT:10061 Instagram for real time footage of the full creative/making process from our new team of super talented designers and makers.
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The Design Of Derrick Rose’s Latest Signature Sneaker

Adidas Design Director, Jean Khalifé recently shared some of the design process that went into Derrick Rose’s latest signature sneaker with adidas, the D Rose 10.

Below you can see some of Jean’s initial sketches and renderings, as well as a look at the final shoe.

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Salomon Trail Shoe Concept By Tanguy Bothier

A personal project designed by French Industrial Design student, Tanguy Bothier and 3D modelled by Lea Lefort, these Salomon Trail shoes were created for the practice of sand marathoning.

The final design features a robust heel counter for added stability, reflective heal logos (visibility at night), a sheilded tongue (to stop sand etc… from getting in) as well as a proctective speed lacing system.

You can see the full design process by Tanguy, as well as some beautifully executed 3D models of the final design.

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Top 9 #ckinspiration Posts


A post about things we already posted.


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Fully 3D Woven Sneaker Developed At RISD

RISD Associate Professor Brooks Hagan worked with recent grads Claire Harvey and Emily Holtzman to create this fully 3D-woven shoe.

Associate Professor of Textiles Brooks Hagan MFA 02 TX and Steve Marschner, a computer science professor at Cornell, continue to push the bounds of digital fabrication. From creating the virtual loom Weft to a “library of [3D woven] tendencies,” their Virtual Textiles Research Group (VTRG) is actively expanding knowledge in the field.

Consider Weavecraft, open-source design tool developed by the VTRG (with hard-coding and UI implementation by computer scientists from Cornell and Stanford). Benefitting from the specialized resources of the Rhode Island-based company TEAM, the research group has figured out how to weave an athletic shoe on a loom—a feat Hagan sees as “a real triumph.” Additionally, the group’s research on fiber and yarn simulation has also led to a multiyear partnership with the sporting goods brand Under Armour.” –

For a more in-depth break down of the process, and what the future of 3D weaving holds, head to RISD’s website, here.


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Auxiliary Debuts Augmented Reality Display At Selfridges

Yesterday, Auxiliary founder, footwear designer and occasional Balenciaga cap wearer, Matthew Taylor invited me to see the debut of his latest collection and AR insallation at Selfridges in central London.

“I kept marvelling how shoe design has become what it is, and how some renders of shoes get as much attention online as real shoes. And what is real these days anyway? This was the basis of the new @_theauxiliary_ installation in Selfridges, it’s really quite amazing, I must have used it 100 times now and I still smile ear to ear every time it fires up. I’ll be lingering around for the next few weeks, give me a shout and come by and have a look! Massive shout out to everyone that was involved and helped out along the way @camtemple @evanspringle @stinkstudios @benjleaver @antoniopignone @graemegaughan @darrenskey75 @nieuway_agency
@accoutrementstudio– Matthew Taylor

As you can see from the video below, by simply opening your smartphone camera and placing it over the bar code, you get transported into a virtual world of Auxiliary – floating shoes, weaving aux cables and vertigo inducing collapsing floors, inculded.

You can see an example of the AR installation below, as well as a look at some of Auxiliary’s latest collection, which will be on display at Selfridges for the next 2 weeks.

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ConceptKicks x ForEver Soles: Re-Form Sole Program

We’ve teamed up with premier Portuguese sole manufacturer, ForEver® to “Re-Form” the industry.

Three progressive soles, designed by Mr. Bailey, have been developed by ForEver® and opened in a full size run that progressive footwear brands, designers and artists are able to apply to use for their footwear collection/creations via our collaborative website,




Creating new sole designs means creating new moulds, and then having too open each of those moulds in every shoe size you’d like to offer – this is an incredibly expensive process and often newer/independent, more progressive brands are unable to make this type of investment so early on.

Generally, the only option available is for them to use “of the shelf” or “public” out soles. These are soles that are available publicly to anyone, and are generally almost exact copies of existing soles, or are adopted by a multitude of brands and shoe styles featuring similar (or the exact same) sole tooling.

Needless to say, this can be creatively stifling and creates a market place flooded with similar shoe styles.

The “Re-Form” collection aims to flip that narrative, and offers progressive soles units, open in a full-size range, that are catered to those newer/interesting brands, designers and artists, all of whom will be able to apply to utilise the “Re-Form” collection for their creations via our collaborative website, The reasoning behind this being that this enables us to ensure the soles are utilised by brands and individuals that embody the same passion and progressive attitude that this collection was also fuelled by.



Design Story.

Each season our soles will be designed by a different creative and have a unique theme/story. This initial collections logo and soles, all draw inspiration from existing iconic sneaker brands & silhouettes, and re-imagine them in a slightly different context; an iconic basketball sole tooling re-imagined/re-formed into a running sole, or a classic casual sole unit re-imagined as hiker sole unit, for example. This makes the designs familiar, but still unique and progressive.

The first collection of soles consists of three styles; the “FAST AF”, the “JANE HOPPER” and the “IVY HIKER”.


To learn more and/or apply to the Re-Form program, head here.

See The Initial Design Process Of ANTA’s KT5

ANTA and their Footwear Creative Driector, Robbie Fuller recently shared a look into some of the design process of Anta’s latest signature model for Klay Thompson, the KT5.

“After over 600 days of R&D, 200 tests with 500+ design drafts, the ultimate KT5-Klaytheism is born.” – ANTA

Utilizing an updated “FlashFoam” and constructed from a lightweight textile upper, the KT5 features a synthetic TPU shroud that covers the lacing system and acts as an additional fastening system.

You can see some of the initial sketches, renderings and general design process of the ANTA KT5, below.



“Behind the scenes with the legend, E Scott Morris, introducing the 500 sketches that led to Klay’s 50 choices that lead to the KT5. No better dude in the game than E. Big shouts to Brett, Sean, David, Duane, Guercy, Frantz, Jared, and all the others that threw in on this one. True global process. Even Klay did one option.” – Robbie Fuller


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Adidas SUPERCOURT Design Process

Adidas designer, Florent Baheux recently shared some insight into the initial design and development process of the Adidas SUPERCOURT.

“The process of the Supercourt was to mix and match digitally some key elements from our large adidas shoe archives. Inspired by the different eras of Tennis, between the 60’s and 80’s, the Supercourt is shoe made out of modern twists of archives details. Really fun to work with Lena on how to re-invent classic white sneakers. ” – Florent Baheux

Below you can see some of the initial inspiration, development samples and the final shoe.


Design: Florent Baheux, Lena Groneck

Creative Direction: Nic Galway

Development: Adam Maher

Marketing: Christopher Wheat


Images via Hypebeast

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Pyer Moss Debut’s “Sculpt 1” Silhouette At NYFW

Pyer Moss founder, Kerby Jean-Raymond and designer, Evan Belforti have been teasing the intense, Pyer Moss “Sculpt 1” style for the past few days. Up until now though, I’d assumed it was just a 3D printed concept, but judging from the image below, they’ve actually developed the style further into an wearable silhouette.

An intense amalgamation of voluminous pod like shapes and hard edgded, sleek sweeping lines, the style appears to be a more exaggerated progression of the Reebok DMX Run Fusion Experiment tooling that Pyer Moss released last year.

See the style on-foot during his recent show at NYFW.


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Needles x Suicoke Release Sandal With An Interlocking Vibram Outsole

Granted, these were released back in June – I totally missed it. I remember seeing these interlocking outsoles at Vibram’s HQ in Milan last year and later requesting them on the following CONSTRUCT:10061 for a concept Jeff Staple was working on.

Such a beautifully simple and functional idea, essentially each foot is moulded oppositely – the left outsole slotting into the open grooves of the right outsole, making it easier to pack the shoes and keep dirt away from other items of clothing.

You can see the Needles x Suicoke interlocking sandal, below.

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Peter Fogg Shares The Design Of The Nike Air Terra Chameleon

Former Nike designer, Peter Fogg recently shared a look at the initial design process of what was known during the development stages as the, Nike “Air Terra Chameleon” –

“The development name was Air Terra Chameleon and later changed to Air Terra Humara 3. For the first sample from the Beaverton sample room I picked silver and gold materials from Michael Johnson’s track spike shoe 😀. Having some fun back in the day.” – Peter Fogg

You can see some of Peter’s initial sketches, as well as the final product, below.

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The Design Of The Adidas Originals “Streetball”

Adidas Footwear Designer, Jon G shared a look into the design process of one of their latest releases, the “Streetball’ sneaker.

“My latest project. A very emotional one for me as I see how the launch of this #adidasstreetball shoe is bringing people together thru hoops 🏀 🙏🏽 Reminds me of what the game did for me too.
Proud to have worked with the amazing creation team in PDX from design, development, and marketing. Thank you all for making this shoe come to life and to all the teams making the tournaments happen.” – Jon G

Below you can see some of the intial inspiration, sketches, and sole development, as well as the final product.

Color/Materials: Esther Chu
Marketing: Tom Smith & Sven Hermann
Development: Olivia Guo & Theresa Tu
Digital creation: Tianhan Zhang

Photo: adidas Originals
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Zixiong Wei’s ‘Quirky’ Sneaker Experiments

Beijing based designer, Zixiong Wei continues to share super unique and thought-provoking concepts via his Instagram account.

From creating a concept out of an “ugly selfie” from a friend of his, to generating randomly ridged midsoles, Zixiong’s experiments continue to showcase his quirky design perspective and process.

You can see more of his experiments, below.
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Inspiring Concept Renderings from Tom Weightman

Designer, Tom Weightman has been sharing quite a few recent concept renderings via his Instagram, all created in his distinctly crisp signature sketch/render style.

From an ultra-sleek Jordan football (Soccer) cleat, to an intricate On-Running concept, each design brings unique design elements together and is rendered beautifully.

You can see more of Tom’s work below.

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Time lapse and original sketches.

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