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Silicone Fused Raffia “Dune” Shoe By Douma/Guittet

This summer shoe by Douma/Guittet is made of Raffia, a hand-woven natural fiber material with good mechanical properties, and combined with Silicone to create a minimal, functional outsole, lacing structure and collar reinforcement.

“We fused the traditional raffia fabric with CNC extruded silicone to update this handcrafted material and to explore its potential in industrial applications.” – Douma/Guittet

You can see some of the development process, as well as images of the final sample, below.

Via – @Studen.Design, @Douma_Guittet

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Steve McDonald Shares Nike SFB MTN Boa

ACG Co-Founder and former Nike designer, Steve McDonald stays sharing unreleased gems via his Instagram account. This time Steve shared a look into some of the initial renders and sample of the Nike SFB MTN Boa.

“2009ish just testing. Then 💨” – Steve McDonald

Below you can see some of the renderings, as well as a look at the proto.

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Matthew Williams Shares Development of his Collaboration With Nike & Vibram

Matthew Williams recently took to Instagram to share some of the initial design and development of his eagerly anticipated collaboration with Nike & Vibram. Both of which are new silhouettes from Nike and feature a removable Vibram over/out-sole.

Below you can see some of the early sketches, as well as pull over alterations, prototypes and final samples.

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CONSTRUCT:10061 Concepts

An inherent part of CONSTRUCT:10061, our collaborative project with Timberland, is transparency. Both in highlighting the people involved, but also the process of creating.

Below is a mixture of some of the concepts we’ve shown on our Instagram page, each a raw example of in-the-moment creative thinking and experiments, and each with a unique and distinct story. Being confident and sharing these concepts, most of which are far removed from the polish of a commerical product that’s gone through rounds upon rounds of refinement, is something we’re trying to foster with this project. Not every shoe is a polished diamond right out of the gate, but there are undeniable glimpses of potential in every one of them (some perhaps more obvious then others).

This July we’ll be showing all of the experimental concepts, as well as our debut collection (selected concepts from our first event that have gone through a few rounds of development), at ComplexCon Chicago. Stay tuned to the CONSTRUCT:10061 Instagram for updates.

Also, our new website is live, feel free to have look through for some gems that arent on the Instagram yet.


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The Design of Cole Haan’s GrandPro Slide

Former Cole Haan designer, Brett Brown recently shared some of the initial 3D modelling of the Cole Haan GrandPro Slide.

“This was such a fun project to work on, the Cole Haan GrandPro slide sandal. Cored out diamond pattern for traction, the same pattern but inverted on the footbed for an elegant look and soft feel, big branding on the straps.
This was primarily all designed in 3D. I only did a handful of initial sketches before jumping into 3D to start blocking out the forms. Modeled in maya, rendered in zbrush.” – Brett Brown

You can see some of the initial models, and also some pictures of the final product, below.

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“Just Visiting” Journey Slides By Joe Bowers

Industrial/Menswear Designer and Podcast host, Joe Bowers recently shared a Jounrey Slide concept via his Instagram account.

Utilizing the social engagment powers of the platform he’s been tweaking the design/colourways based on the real-time feedback he’s been getting after each post, which has (up till this point) culminated in a collection of solid colour, “dessert vibe” styles.

You can see more of Joe’s “Just Visiting” Jounrney Slide project, below.

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“Future Is Now” Concept by Frederick Phua

Vehicle Designer at Yamaha Motor Co., Frederick Phua recently shared this insane footwear concept via his Instagram account

Featuring a hammock style sole unit and what looks to be the primeknit upper from an ultraBOOST silhouette, it’s clear to see Phua’s Vehicle design language coming through in the concept.

You can see more detail shots of Phua’s “Future Is Now” concept, below.

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Top 9 #ckinspiration Posts


A post about things we already posted.
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Syd Mead Inspired Graduation Collection By Dimitri Gabellier

This collection from DMU student designer, Dimitri Gabellier was inspired by the iconic futurist work of Syd Mead.

Dimitri created 3 styles; a 3D printed, knitted upper running concept , a BOA system fastening low top trainer and a hand stitched Norwegian welted mountain boot.

Below you can scroll through each of Dimitri’s posts to see the details, making process and renderings of each concept.

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ZARA Trail Gaiter Concept By Christian Di Trolio

Finnishing up his studies at Cordwainers, Christian Di Trolio recently shared his Trail Gaiter concept, which he created for his final major project

“For my final major project I wanted to experiment with gaiters and how you can push the utility of them. I wanted to reconstruct what a gaiter is but use premium materials and apply fastenings and pockets to exaggerate the outdoor inspiration.” – Di Trolio

You can see some of the initial work that went into the creation of the Trail Gaiter, as well as a couple pictures of the final sample, below.


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Michael Lennheden Shares Design Process Of Filling Pieces “Inner Circle”

Head of Footwear Design at FillingPieces, Michael Lennheden shared some of the initial design and development of their Inner Circle sneaker.

From the initial sketch, through to pull-over alterations and wear samples, you can see some of the work that went into the creation of the Filling Pieces deconstructed style, as well as some pictures of the final product, below.


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The Design & Making Process Of Reebok Advanced Projects x Helen Kirkum

“I wanted the pairs to tell a story of the process of designing and making together” – Helen Kirkum

As you may have seen via her Instagram account, Helen Kirkum recently released her collaboration with Reebok Advanced Concepts.

“For this project I worked with the Reebok Advanced Concepts team to create 25 pairs of my take on the Sole Fury. When I started the project I wanted to know the shoes that inspired the design, so we dug into the archive and came up with 4 other shoes that were the main inspirations for different reasons. Then we set about finding all the shoes using second hand, vintage, and old samples. I wanted the pairs to tell a story of the process of designing and making together, the mechanism of thinking and prototyping and for them to be an ode to Reeboks strong heritage. The colour ways I deconstructed  were so varied that each piece became a one of one. It was a crazy challenge to mix all the materials textures and branding details, using iconic pieces that you recognise but creating a completely new aesthetic. In early May we launched the collection with DOE Shanghai, where each pair also came signed with a hand screen printed limited edition box.” – Helen Kirkum

Below you can see some of Helen’s making process, as well as some shots of the finals pairs, which were dubted at DOE Shanghai earlier this month.


Image by Jesse Ingalls
Image by Jesse Ingalls
Image by Jesse Ingalls
Image by Jesse Ingalls
Image by Jesse Ingalls
Image by Jesse Ingalls
Image by Jesse Ingalls
Image by Jesse Ingalls
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A Look At The Design Of The adidas LXCON SS 2019

adidas designer, Konstantin Baumann recently shared some of his initial sketches for adidas’ SS’19 LXCON sneaker via his Instagram account.

“The first shoe I worked on and the main focus of my thesis. I am excited to share a little bit about the project step by step – so more is coming soon…

A big thank you to team involved especially big thanks to:

Creative Direction : Nic Galway
Development : Adrian Diaz and Minh Ngoc Vo
Creation Team : Frauke Bindhammer and James Hatch
Marketing : Brendan Streader and Moritz Gottlob
Further Colorways: Jonning Chng

Big thank you to my Director Remy Eyraud for supporting the whole project and believing in it from the start.” – Baumann

You can see more of Konstantin’s initial sketches, as well as some final beauty shots of the LXCON sneaker, below.

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I N I K E I G Y A K U S O 4 Y Series By Jeremie Levain

KISKA Designer, Jeremie Levain recently shared a series of Nike concepts, rendered in signature “Levain style” with some super dynamic perspective sketches, bright pop colours and plenty of styling.

You can see all of Jeremie’s I N I K E I G Y A K U S O 4 Y series concept renderings, below.

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9 Inspiring Instagram Accounts To Follow


A quick list, in no particular order, of a few super inspiring accounts to follow.



Chances are, you’re already following Nicole on Instagram, her IG glow up over the past few months has been intense, and well deserved. Currently working with Reebok, Nicole’s clever re-interpretations of iconic product are super inspiring.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by nm (@nicolemclaughlin) on



A globally-minded community of creators, Maekan shares stories that are defining creative culture. From creating in-depth articles to sharing unique industry perspectives from some of the most insightful creatives in our culture, Maekan is a treasure trove of inspiring content


“Provoke the norm, transform the novv, create the nevv.”



Japanese design engineer and professor at the University of Tokyo, YAMANAKA Shunji is constantly sharing his super inspiring explorations.


Designer and 3D artist, Santi Zoraidez (who was recently part of our team from CONSTRUCT:10061) works worldwide with brands, agencies and studios, creating projects at the intersection of digital and reality.



Rare finds, unique detailing, technical fabrics, @TechSpec_ is a great archive of inspiring tactical product.



A materials research design studio, consultancy and school. Ma-tt-er designs, advises, communicates and educates the implementation of responsible materials.



With galleries in Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Perrotin curates some of the worlds most compelling artworks from the industries most renowned artists.


Our collaboration program with Timberlad, CONSTRUCT:10061 is fully transparent and digitally native (prominantly on Instagram) – sharing prototypes that were created during week long creative/making sessions at their Dominican Repulic based factory, directly on Instagram.

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