Augmented Creativity: Lysandre Follet Talks Generative Design

Nike’s Director of Generative Design, Lysandre Follet recently shared a video where he discsses some of the advances in Generative Design that he and his team, who work within Nike’s Innovation Design Department, have been developing.

In the Awwwards talk, Lysandre discusses the benefits of co-creating with computers to create generative designs / algorithm based designs that help to aid each athlete, and their differing individual needs, to perform to their fullest potential.
From tackling the athletes varying shoe sizes and the distance they run during for their chosen activity, Lysandre explains how Generative Design has managed to give them a unique footprint to work with, and that simply creating a sample size shoe and scaling the sole tooling isn’t neccesarily the most efficient way to produce performance footwear.

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