Athleisure Shoe for Côte&Ciel by Corentin Bourret

Côte&Ciel continues to be one of my personal favorite brands on the market right now, across all products. They do a beautiful job or combining intriguing proportions, with dynamic functionality and a serious amount of attention to detail.

During a 3-day masterclass with footwear designer, Benjamin Pauchet, participants were tasked with choosing a brand not commonly associated with footwear and design a shoe for them, respecting their brand DNA and spirit. Designer, Corentin Bourret wisely picked Côte&Ciel.

Incorporating certain aspects of Côte&Ciel’s intuitive, wrapped style functionality, and their penchant for clean and detailed hardware, Corentin created a concept that does a great job of embodying the spirit of the brand. From initial brand inspirations, quick and expressive sketches, David Whetstone-eque sketch/renders and a final, super clean final concept rendering, you can check out Corentin’s project in full, below.



Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks |

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