Arnau Sanjuan FLUX with the ZX

Below we get a quick look at some of the initial ideation behind the adi Originals FLUX ZX Slip-on style by designer, Arnau Sanjuan.

“Based on the ZX FLUX, the shoe is built with a breathable mesh material that includes a distinct strap taking place of the traditional use of the lacing system for a much more modern look.” – Arnau Sanjuan

The placement of the elastic straps offer a unique look and functionality to an existing style. Also the fact they were placed asymmetrically across the forefoot gives the shoe a very subtle, yet distinctly different look. It’s amazing how such a simple and subtle alteration can greatly change the feel and appearance of a shoe. I personally didn’t really flux with the original version (not a huge fan of the tooling tbh), and even though the sole is the same on the slip-on, the upper just adds that extra cleanliness needed in combination with the more techy sole. I for sure flux with these.

Creative direction: S.Handy & O.Unnasch
Development: V.Zhang & B.Holland





Mr. Bailey

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