Aric Armon – Teofilo Stevenson Adizero Boxing Boot (Updated)

This AdiZero boxing boot concept by designer Aric Armon has been dedicated to the relatively unknown Cuban boxer, Teofilo Stevenson.

‘Teofilo Stevenson was perhaps the greatest boxer you have never heard about. Many said the fight between him and Muhammad Ali would have been the most equal heavyweight fight to have ever taken place… but it never happened. Teofilo was from Cuba, a country that banned professional athletics and Teofilo felt more pride in his country than selling them out for the millions offered to him. He died on June 11, 2012 at the age of 60.’ – Aric

[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

I’ve always wanted to be a designer since I was a little kid. I tore stuff apart to see how it worked and I made stuff all the time. I ran track for a number of years which led me to follow that dream when I got a scholarship to run at Academy of Art University in San Francisco and began taking courses in industrial design. So my background in athletics and design seemed to naturally point me towards performance footwear.

[highlight] What inspired this concept? [/highlight]

This concept was inspired originally by a poster. The project was for the Adidas sponsored class at Pensole and how we picked our projects was by picking a shoe off a poster they had of all of their iconic shoes from their history. I chose a boxing boot that was a boxer named Teofilo Stevenson to redesign and a week into the project he passed away, turning the project Into a memorial for him and his family.

[highlight] What is your favorite feature? [/highlight]

My favorite feature is the strapping system. Instead of laces you have a midffot strapping system that when you tighten reveals the word ‘fight’ across the top of your foot signaling to the fighter that its time, while also providing downward pressure as your foot flexed. To tie down the upper part of the foot, the tongue actually gets pulled back and velcroed down as well.

Check out the development of the concept, below.