Appreciating the adidas Y3 Elle Run

On an inspiration trip last weekend, a couple friends and I landed at the Y-3 store in Mayfair, London. If you follow CK, you’ll know we’re pretty big fans of Y-3, but there was one shoe that really stood out while we were walking around the store, and it happened to only be in the women’s section (I always find that the coolest products/colourways are usually always for women). That shoe was the Y3 Elle Run Boost, with its super sleek silhouette, sweeping collar and contrasting materials really blew me away.

The Elle Run features a neoprene vamp, aged leather heel section, an elastic wrap and a lovely cut out window that shows off the shoe’s layering. They of course also feature a Boost midsole and a rubber outsole.

A super inspiring design. Let’s go Y3, make this in men’s sizes, please.







Mr. Bailey

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