‘Anti-Gravity’ Shoes By Yukako Hihara

Created to give the wearer the feeling flying, Japanese artist and designer Yukako Hihara has created a pair of ‘anti-gravity’ shoes which utilize the replusive force of magnets. Hihara placed magnets at the forefoot and heel of a clear polyurethane ‘inner shoe’, and placed magnets with matching poles in the encapsulated ‘outer shoe’ (also made from a clear polyurethane) to create the ‘anti-gravity’ floatation system.


As promising as the concept is, Hihara noted that there’s clearly still some development needed – “because I prioritized the design, the size of this magnet does not provide enough magnetic force and so does not float completely when walking. This is a point of improvement point, as the ideal situation would be to stay floating in the air.” explained Hihara.

Via – Designboom

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