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One of the largest pain points, specifically for newer, lesser known footwear brands, is the fact there is as of yet, no standardized shoe sizing scale. A size 9 in a Nike, may be a size 10 in adidas. There are many reasons for this, last shapes, types of shoe etc…(though I still believe having a more standardized sizing chart, both in length and width, would be a brilliant idea). Either way, not having this of course makes it tricky for people to buy shoes online. A market that is incredibly important for start-up footwear brands, as they are able to make more from these types of direct to consumer sales.

However, it looks like Industrial designer, Selma Durand has come up with a printable shoe sizing chart called Adjust, that will allow online shoppers to make sure they order the perfect size –

“The online shoe sales industry is a fast-growing market as consumers increasingly shift purchases online.
However the user experience can still to be improved. Thus it can be frustrating for a customer to return shoes he just bought when the size does not fit well.
One buying shoes online can now use the service Ajust. It enables long-distance fitting in order to improve users’ satisfaction and reduce the number of returned items.
The user simply prints the template of the desired shoe on a A4 paper sheet; placed under the foot it is then easy to compare the length and width of the shoe to one’s foot and with a paper strip it also determines its height (foot instep) and thus demonstrates if the shoe fits the user’s body perfectly.” – Selma

Check out Selma’s idea in-action, below.

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