Adidas/Keen/Thirty Two/Chrome Concepts by Jake Childs

Here are some renders, sketches and development images from California based, Senior Continuum  Innovation designer, Jake Childs, during his time at Adidas, and various freelance projects –

‘Right out of school I had a brief stint doing footwear design. I started out at adidas at their U.S. headquarters in Portland, OR working in the Outdoor and Running categories. After about a year and a half, I broke off and worked as a freelance designer executing designs for Keen and Thirty Two snowboarding boots. I also worked with Rofu Design on launching a footwear brand of retro skateboarding sneakers. The brand never took off and the designs I did ended up getting rolled into Chrome’s first line of shoes, many of which can still be seen in their Pedal Series.’ – Jake

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‘A quick sketch overlay design refinement of the Defiant road runner.’ – Jake

‘The Daroga is a light, packable shoe that you’d throw into your backpack during an trekking expedition. Once you’ve reached base camp and it’s time to remove the hikers, the Daroga becomes your go-to loafer for lounging around the camp fire. Turns out, it makes a great lifestyle shoe as well.’ – Jake

‘Sometimes taping up a sample and sketching straight on the shoe is the best way to figure out the right design. This was a multi-purpose hiking shoe I worked on while in the adidas Outdoor Group.’ – Jake

‘Outsole options for a water shoe design. I was exploring various ways of laying out water drainage venting while still providing a good gripping surface for this outdoor shoe.’ – Jake 

‘Sketch concepts for a trail running shoe for Keen. The idea was to find new ways of executing Keen’s classic webbing wraps.’ – Jake

‘This was one direction for a Tech snowboarding boot – aggressive and protective with a ratcheting band at the top.’ – Jake

‘A different approach for a Tech snowboarding boot – emphasizing the single-cord closure system. The cord lock was inspired by the mechanics found in bike brakes.’ – Jake